gt; To provide informational, instructional, advocacy and mobilization services to facilitate genuine understanding of the issues and to promote continuous improvement in the living and working conditions, no matter where they work

gt; To encourage cooperation, unity and equal opportunities

gt; To organize Industria Women Worker Associations (SIE) of Buenos Aires for effective defense of their interests as a prerequisite for achieving structural changes that can improve their quality of life.

Industria negotiates on behalf of these worker-associations before all ministries. The SIEs are not affiliated with any political parties or color movements.

The current president is Esperanza Conti de Schneider (+54 11 3364 9411).

gt; Chairwoman’s concluding remarks:

gt; We charge Trotskyism upon those who live off the sweat labor. Trotskyism deserves its death penalty. The founders of Socialism can never understand Stalinism which is idiocy born out of sacrilege against genius that created it.

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